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A few words about me, even if I don't like to talk about myself: a 30 years long carrier as manager with worldwide responsibilities in the industry (chemical, plastic  and automotive) a I decided to learn a new job, when I was 50 years old: bookbinder and ancien books restorer (from the XIVth to the XIXth century).

Thus, I opened my own workshop and I started  new life : every day shows something new, each book and each customer in the workshop looks like a sunshine! 

I would say that I take sometimes one day more to return the books to my customers (and I'm always on time, for the past 10 years, never late, never!) when I'm working on an unique masterpiece of bookbinding... 

Shipment and transportation aren't an issue: costs are offered for any customer in EU or UK or USA. For Switzerland, all customs' procedures are handed over and you don't have to worry about them. 

For any question about hand-made bookbinding, with the French style of hand-made perfection, feel free to contact me.


I'll be pleased to serve you for:

- ancient books restoration and repair (from XVI's to XIX's century or later for some of them if the paper is not acidic),

- art bookinding,

- gilding (for titles, on leather for books) by hand (with 22cts gold or with Oeser), 

- paper marbling with oil inks only for the moment (but more to come very soon!),

- trainings on bookbinding,  

- ancient books evaluation, 

My prices are far below my competitors' thanks to a very strict costs management : therefore, shipment and transportation haven't almost any impact of the final quotation. 

Ask for a quotation, or, if you're traveling to Strasbourg, don't hesitate to take an appointment. 

We're ready to fulfill all resquirements for custom transportation in any country outside EU. 

For Switzerland, we own already the ATA and  Vorübergehende Verwendung / Abschluss 11.87 and Vervendung hinterlegten Betrag 11.74 if you'd like to show us your books for a quotation and restoration. 

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reliure Marchal
reliure et formation Atelier Marchal Illkirch vers Strasbourg
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reliure atelier Marchal
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Contact :

Mr Didier MARCHAL 

2 rue du Gabon 


téléphone: 06 89 57 18 51 


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